Teaching on your Spirit12/9/2006

I will tell you today about the realm of your Spirit. I have created you as three part beings. You have a body, the vessel that holds what you are within it as you live here upon the earth. You have a Soul, the second aspect of you as a creation that houses your mind, your will, and your emotions. The third mostly unknown part of your existence is your Spirit. Your Spirit is what connects you to the God of Creation. Your Spirit has life within it much like my Holy Spirit. It is very important to your well being, and often times it remains protected and quiet within you. When you ask Me, my Son, or our Holy Spirit to become a greater part in your life we abide in your Spirit. We commune with you there as you live your life. Your Spirit is sealed for the day of Christ - the return of Yeshua, my Son to the world, again you are protected. When you pass from this life unto the next it is primarily your Spirit with the aspects of your Soul and the impressions of your body that comes again to Heaven to be with Me. Your Spirit "moves you" and "brings you along" into Heaven. Your Spirit eyes see all around you and know all of existence and all dimensions that make up your life. This is power my Children.

Your Spirit holds all of your "Spiritual Intellect" within it, all other knowledge is retained in the Soul. You do all of your Spiritual warfare in the realm of your Soul for now upon the earth, but your Spirit is the director of these battles and is the overseer of your lives. It is your automatic pilot at times taking over when your Soul is too heavily burdened. Your Spirit communes with me each day in Heaven even though your Soul is too busy to give me the time necessary to heal and restore you.

Your Spirit is filled with love. You have within your Spirit the love of God and the praise of God, the love for yourself, and the love of others. The love of all creation and the love of those unlovable exists within your Spirit. When you are one with your mate you use the love of the Spirit and here two can become one, this is a covenant miracle for all to pursue.

Your Spirits are the pipeline for the grace in your loves. I give you grace for a day, that comes through your Spirits. I also pour more miraculous grace through your Spirits unto you when you ask me in prayer. As you pray I always give. Grief and mourning come from the Soul but a Spirit can be damaged. This is a dangerous time for the life of the person when his or her Spirit is damaged. This damage can come at times from taking darkness into your Spirit. You must never do this. My Creation seeks the power from the Spirit of Life in many ways and it is a trick also of the evil one to make this appear innocent. When you align yourself to an evil spirit for any reason you are in peril for your Spirit. I tell you in my word not to do psychics things, do not take the role of a diviner, or to use wizardry in any way for there are evil minions of satan waiting to ploy you into darkness. You have much power in your Spirits and when you are directed by my Holy Spirit you will find an abundance of life giving love that will help you live life in the Spirit.

You hear my voice in your Spirits and your Spirit has a voice as well. You have not heard this voice often because I withhold it until my children have knowledge and wisdom of the Spiritual world. Your Spiritual voice will be for building up and for helping you to know yourselves as well as your Creator better. I want you to step carefully to avoid the mistakes that could trouble you. I want you to be aware that the evil one will not want you to expand your existence this way. We must work in conjunction without fear so we may know each other and you may know yourself in a most wonderful way.

1.) Study the scriptures that are provided for you to understand the entirety of this pursuit.
2.) Test all things by: the word of God, the content for building up, and the Holy Spirit test of faith.

Definition: spirit
- The immaterial intelligent or sentient part of a person.
- An animating or vital principal held to give life to physical organism.
- The activating or essential principal influencing a person.

Scriptures: there are 585 references to spirits in the word of God.

    The scriptures for evils influences are:
  • Eze. 13:6 - They have seen vanity and lying divinations
  • 1 Sam. 28:8 - Divine unto me by the familiar spirit
  • Eze. 13:23 - no more vanity nor divine divinations
  • Micah 3: 6 - unto you that ye shall not divine
  • Micah 3:11 - the prophets there of divine for money
  • 1 Sam. 6:2 call for the priests and the diviners
  • Zec. 10:2 the diviners have seen a lie and have
  • Eze. 22:28 divining lies unto them saying
  • Lev. 20:27 a familiar spirit or that is a wizard
  • Lev. 19:31 spirits, neither seek after wizards
  • Isaiah 19:3 familiar spirits, and to the wizards
    The scriptures on positive spirit:
  • Isaiah 11:2 the Spirit of the Lord shall rest upon
  • Isaiah 29:9 with my Spirit within me I will seek
  • Isaiah 42:1 I have put my Spirit upon them
  • Genesis 1:2 the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the earth
  • Psalm 51:11 take not thy Holy Spirit from me
  • Psalm 77:6 my Spirit my diligent search
  • 2 Tim. 4:22, Eph. 3:16, Eph. 4:4, Eph. 4:23, Matt. 26:41, Mark 14:38, Luke 4:18, Luke 24:39, Acts 17:16, Acts 18:25, Romans 12:11, 1 Cor. 2:12, Rev. 4:2, Zec. 6:5, Rev. 3:11.