Teaching on Sensitivity11/18/2006

The realm of your Soul, each Soul as I have created may be contained within your body's existence but the area that it covers is as large as a county! There are many emotions that I have placed within you to help you cope with life and interact with others. There is faith as an emotion and hope and love and joy and peace and patience. These are states of mind as well as emotions, for your Soul also has a beating heart as I have shown you in an earlier teaching. There is the emotion of anger and rage, the emotion and feelings of fear and abandonment. There are many emotions swirling around within your existence to help you to exist with one another and with Me, your Creator. You can see how complicated your souls can become. I bring order out of disorder for I alone know which emotions and feelings do actually apply to each instance in your life. If you follow the gentle leadings of my true Holy Spirit you will be appropriate and upright. I would ask you to concentrate upon your spirits and the spirit life I have asked you to live.

Within your souls there is a condition that can be used by you for manipulation and control of others, and can then be used by the enemy to direct life away from the spiritual self. (false spirit) That condition is sensitivity. Yes children, I want you to be feeling and understanding why things are as they are with truth. I do not want you to rely upon "your" feelings of sensitivity from your souls to direct you. The condition of excess sensitivity is behind the psychological industry and the new age religions. Sensitivity permeates the Christian music industry and so feeds the false spirit within churches. It follows the media and directs the comparison and envy you have all struggled with.

The enemy can activate your mind with a glance in a mirror and cause a cascade of stronghold feelings to direct your thoughts and then your actions from sensitivity. The enemy then tempts you to use your sensitivity as a badge of honor, he then ties to you the spirits of ego and pride and then control and manipulation to assess others' levels of sensitivity. When you are directed to "get in touch with yourselves" or are commanded to become more sensitive to others' needs you have fallen into the new age trap of self directed feelings and you are far, far away from the Holy Spirit directed life

If you feel sensitive towards something ask Me or my Son, your Savior or our Holy Spirit why you are directed that way. I will bring you testable truth that will stand the test of time not the fragmentary emotion of the excessive, controlling soul. I will respond, test Me.

Your soul's sensitivity simply overruns the genuine sensitive Spirit of God within each of you. When you are directed by your soul you are closer to your flesh : when you are directed and ordered by your Spirit you are closer to the Spirit of God and I take the burdens and guide you into lighter living.

* If you have pity for someone ask me how to pray.
* If you see injustice ask me to correct it My way.
* If you concern yourself always for others ask me why.
* If you are not heard of in your feelings pray for Me to help.
* If you see sensitivity in church why is their soul leading, where is the Spirit?
* If you are consumed about the state of others find My words in scripture.
* If you feel let down by others ask Yeshua how to react.
* If you are walking on eggshells, who is manipulating you with sensitivity?

*** If you..anything.ask the Holy Spirit..everything.


  • sensitive; capable of being stimulated or excited by external agents, easily hurt or damaged, excessively or abnormally susceptible
  • feeling; an emotional state or reaction, susceptibility to impression often unreasoned opinion or belief, the undifferentiated background of one's awareness, perception or thought.
  • emotion; a conscious mental reaction subjectively experienced as strong feeling usually directed toward a specific object and typically accompanied by physiological and behavioral changes in the body.
  • manipulate; to control or play upon by artful, unfair, or insidious means especially to one's own advantage.
  • control; to exercise restraining or directing influence over, to have power over, to rule.

None of these are in Strong's Concordance; hence these words are not used in the bible.

I seek to elevate my Children from the base thinking of the flesh unto the respective understanding of the Soul. As you quiet these actions and become as Christ in your Souls you will trust your God to be all for you and cause you to find Christ in you in your Spirit. I promise you Children you will float above the ramblings of the world as you let go of your Soul's wants for sensitivity and find true God directed Royal Grace and Integrity in Living

Blessings to you My Children,