False spirit Teaching9/16/2006

My Children, I have a tremendous task for you to deal with, I would ask you to help me tear down and destroy a very tenacious demonic spirit, the false spirit. This spirit is a false expression of my Holy Spirit. All of the things that my Holy Spirit has done on the earth since My Son Yeshua was here have been separately duplicated and mimicked. This spirit is the knock-off of the things of good that Christ had told you of in the scriptures that would be done in His stead when He left you to be with me. All of the leaven in the world today is the result of the evil that this spirit has done to my creation. I am consumed with anger at this amount of falseness in my world. I have kept my silence for long enough. This must be stopped and it will mean the greatest part of religion in the world today will be undone. This will be undone with the power of the true Spirit of God. This will be accomplished with my submitted, leaven-less children and their Holy Spirit connection to tell the difference.

You must make the decision to pull away from all of the practices in the world that incorporate this falseness. In doing so you will not satisfy the ways of the flesh that will not follow you into heaven. The pews and the practiced liturgies and the gilded statues of the dear departed souls of the earth will not pass into Heaven. What is truly sad about the enemy and his false spirit is that religion does not impress me. I shun it because of the presumed salvation and the works righteousness that maintains this leaven and false salvation. My Son came to set you free from the law and that means the laws of religion. You must take a hard look at yourselves and know your adversary. For the end of times I will make my children responsible for the true pursuit of Christ and the Father and the Holy Spirit. I have given you examples in the scripture of the futility of the religious practices. These examples are at the end of this teaching. My Son came to lead you into war with the religions of the times and this is the culmination of this. The old ways of practicing the "just enough" faith must give way to true Spiritual Living and belief in what I am as your Creator.

    What is the false spirit?

  1. Teachings that contain leaven. Leaven is something that modifies or lightens according to the dictionary. When my word is taken lightly, it loses its ability to challenge. When my word is modified it is stripped of the intensities it maintains and is rendered impotent.
  2. Sunday followers. I have given you all that you need to walk with Christ each day. To spend an hour once a week to find me is not enough because the evil one does not stop oppressing you on Monday.
  3. A church is where God is. I am in each of you. You are the temple of the Holy Spirit, why would I need buildings to manifest my Spirit? All building programs are false spirit. When all are fed, healed, delivered, housed, spirit led then build, until then? Stop
  4. Missionaries are fine, but if you cannot support the converts and they are left starving for spiritual nutrition and go back to their gods you have done more harm than good. I have told you to make disciples of all in Christ.
  5. If you are not vulnerable to all the leadings of the Holy Spirit and you have a tremendous agenda of things to do, plans for things, certain areas of 'just in cases' you are not believing. My Spirit, sees all things, knows all things, controls all things.
  6. Vain repetitions, chanting, cutting, debasing yourself, marking yourself, brutalizing yourself, these are false for they deny the life I give to you.
  7. When you use judgment upon another, when you claim you are better than another, when you state you are the 'called, only chosen, first,' this is from pride and envy with comparison. The first will be last.
  8. The falling over under the "power of the spirit". This is wrong and hypnotism and suggestive conditioning. I have never had my people fall under the influence of another for their power. The same is true with wild practices and expansive control, music especially. Drum beating and wild arm flailing. These are manifesting spirits.
  9. Look where the money is. If men have used the sacrifice of my Son Yeshua to make fortunes for themselves and 'their' ministries they are false and the truth is not in them. A 'very modest' living can be had for my followers when they are led by my Holy Spirit. The opulence that I see today is an abomination when any are starving. Call it down.
  10. The offices and administrations that control my children and take the place of the still soft voice of my Holy Spirit are illusions of justifiable control. Men teaching Men's ways and excusing the sin my Son died for. Theological bantering the same fate.
  11. If the enemy is not after you, you are not doing enough in purity with my Son and my Holy Spirit to alarm him. Christ came to preach, HEAL, and DELIVER. If all three of these are not being done it is false spirit and the evil one will not bother you. Basically if you have no talk of the oppressive forces after you constantly (as you talk now) you are infected by falseness and are lost. The devil is real, check my Sons words
  12. My holy word has been sullied by the world and man with the false spirit. There are hundreds of 'versions' and thousands of translations and languages. How can this variation be effective? If you have the fullness of the Spirit of God, the Spirit of Holiness will help you to interpret the ways of God. If you read it like a book with stories and fables it will appear dry and boring. This is your current world's attitude, much is lost.

These are but a few of the examples of the false spirit in the world today. The enemy of God has done all of these things and has had this far sweeping influence on the creation of God because he knew the 'nature' of man. Christ and the effects of Him in you and the Holy Spirit helping you to show others the true God will break this terrible death plan. Even the elect will be led astray in the end times, your brothers are falling.

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Find the leaven, follow truth. Blessings, Father