Thinking and Stopping Tormenting Thoughts5/5/2006

I am here again to bring you love and knowledge, healing and the hope of God. I want you stronger for yourself. The evil one attacks because there is a thought, or a memory or an impression that you have encountered that he can slip a degrading thought then in on you. The tormenting stops when you stop the thoughts such as mind wandering. Take control and tell you're Soul to turn the thoughts to Christ, the Word of God, the beautiful world or a list of positives you have made up of your blessings.

Your memories are next, you have many of these that are healed, so many of them had overcome you with the thoughts and impressions you became depressed and the sadness came down upon you and a spirit demon of depression took hold of you. I have healed this in you now and the demon is gone by Christ's sacrifice. When you are tempted with memories that are persistent and also negative, Forgive the people or persons or parents or Me or most important yourself and ask Me to place the memory into the proper place in your consciousness.

Lastly are the impressions, they are the ways other people affect our lives with their ideas, judgments, anger, hatred, comparisons, malice, and dumb ideas. You must look to me and ask for the appropriateness for these impressions. The world is RULED by them and they are fundamentally false. The entire media is based upon these impressions, not truth...conjecture and opinions of false knowledge and demonic interference. People believe the lies of the ignorant powerful. The science is flawed and conjectured. Psychology is mystic self pride. The politics and people in office are so full of untruth that one must try to believe the lie to get by. The medical field is filled with greed and pharmacopoeia, pills for most things, no cures for the illnesses. Who receives these profits? Hollywood and the acting gods and the movies and internet? They all say, `look at me'. What are the impressions about the social systems? How do you raise your children? In the military is there fear? The men of impressions want to take over and take over and on and on. You see you are separated to me because the world's impressions are wrong, very wrong. You have believed the lie my children. You must be quiet with me to guide you to the real truth and break away from the thoughts that are others impressions and not you're Fathers.

If you comfort yourself with my thoughts and impressions you will not be as tormented in your mind with the attacks of the evil one. Let us practice doing all three and I will help you to cleanse your mind so you can become stronger. You have the mind of Christ within you, start fresh each day and let go each evening of the bad and sad and pain of the day. Your impressions will bring you more health and the correct authority and a childlikeness that I delight in.
- Be Blessed