The Sun Cracks
Yes Children I know that the Sun has a 'crack, an abnormality' on it to your view at this time and it is unnerving to you. I am unnerving my Prophet here also for I told Him of this 'crack' many months ago, long before it appeared and asked Him to tell no one as a test. He was obedient as I asked and now I have Him share with you other things that are heavy on Him and on My Heart.
There will be a much larger 'crack' in the Sun and it will destroy very much and it will change many things as I have said to you in previous Prophesies from My Prophet. This 'crack' will be on the furthest side of the Sun when it occurs but it will be devastating to you on the earth. One rotation of the earth is a lot to account for in a life. Time is a fleeting thing Children. Take this time now and review what is really important in your lives.
I am God, I am Father, I have had the darndest time loving this Prophet to fullness. I have had the hardest time convincing Him to write from Me as God. Do you know how hard that is to do and publish it in this day and age? It is not Him, it is all of you as Children. How are you loved as the world falls down around you in any scenario you chose?
The Sun cracks, The tides swell and swallow, the weather changes and disobeys you, the money you saved is gone, the leaders you depended on betray, the magnetic poles switch for goodness sakes and an ice age begins orů.your cell phone and electric and gas and cable turn off. What will you do without food or water or a stable structure of life that is not based on a lie?
I tell you with truth, I look at things very closely and I see all of your Hearts. You do not trust and for good reason, there is not a lot to be trusted in. I hear ALL of your Spirits and they are ALL crying out to me for a change and so I am doing that. I am Love and I bring change with Love even if that change comes with pain.
Life is pain, life is learning and growing and choosing good over evil. How have you chosen in your lives? Life is also wonder and Love and gladness and fun and exploration of the very best that your bodies have to offer you. As I have said in earlier Prophesies change is always occurring in the world: this is about the level of change and the Faith it will take to endure the changes I make at this time. Do not let Faith be taken from you in this time Children for I will not leave you. I will not leave the Faithful and Believing and Childlike and Humble Children that call out to me with a Heart of brokenness and contriteness. It might get messy, it might get downright death defying for you but do not give up Hope.
I had said that I would tell my Prophet and you some new things here in this writing. There would be a larger 'crack' in the Sun that will be destructive to the earth and the subsequent layers of protective coverings that have been 'shielding' you. Let us look at it this way. I am the 'Sun' for now and you each are the 'earth' and have a molten core of life. The Holy Spirit is the Protective Cover over you that 'shields' you from my excessive light. You grow in Love and build your 'core' in strength and fluid life that is a wonder and on top you are a Garden of Beauty. This sounds like The Garden of Eden does it not? Your 'core' is your Faith and Love and Hope and Belief that bring you to Me, God and Good and Life. If our relationship is strained and tested and we are 'out of balance' the pull on both of us is a shift in Sun and molten core. Poles shift and the Sun shows with flares and cracks and earth wobbles as realignments that cause you to shudder with change as you are made 'naked' with the immensity of the cosmos. There is also an evil lurking here in and on the earth with you that wants to take your protective cover of The Holy Spirit and Faith and Hope and Love and Belief. Will you let that happen?
I am Love as God and I want My Children whole and with Me as a Garden. The earth has lost much of what I am as God, as Father, as Creator, as Provider, as Cover from the harsh rays of the Sun that provides life for the world. This is not so hard to understand. I am not as concerned with the day to day life decisions as I am with good over evil and how you are Loving and growing in Faith and how that Faith will hold you in times of trouble.
There will be alignment of the planets, there will be changes, there will be storms, there will be upheaval, there will be many things happening that test and try your very being. This is to be if we as Creator and Created have become misaligned. I do not like this as you do not because you will be tested to your limits and I will have Children that could be lost to eternal dark because of decisions in this time. Faith must be held to, Hope must be held to and Trust must be held to and Love must be held to for Love is the strongest thing of all.
Scripture states in Isaiah 42 that, 'before these things happen I will tell you of them.' This is a new way to understand the things that are coming to the world. The Sun has cracked and more will be occurring on your horizon in the coming times. This will cause problems for many things that you have depended on. Leaders have made plans that do not include you. Financial times are at a standstill from years of overspending, knowing this was coming. Disasters from weather and unrest and poverty are growing. This leads to a 'taking control' or a unraveling as is always the case in history. Each disaster has shown that people cannot cope as medical and money and media and moguls ply for spin. If many happen at once where will YOU BE LEFT?
I want to be with my Children, as Father, as God, as Creator. You are coming to Me at the end of this existence. My Hope is with you in Faith and Hope in Love.