Shaking All That Can Be Shaken
My Son. You know all things for within you is My Holy Spirit. I have given unto you My All because the world is daunting and can pull you down with many beliefs that are not Mine. Your Faith remains strong and your Love grows each day as the Love of Heaven. This is a Beautiful thing. As you let go of world thoughts, beliefs man’s ways My, God’s way can come out of you flowing as truth that needs no justification.
I, God exist without time, I exist in Love and Truth, what My own Creation would call good. I am constantly changing and changing ‘things’ and yet I - God remain the same. I remain the same in that I exist, I am Love, I Create, I am Father, I change ‘things’ and I place parts of Myself in all I Create. There is of course more of Me, God but for now this is what I choose to say.
I am bringing change to all the world. I can for I Created all the world and I put some of Me into all I Created. I Created by ‘The Word’, that is why I bring this announcement of change in the form of ‘word’. There have been many others who have told of changes coming at a specific point in time. This time is nearly upon you and the words given have varied greatly. My Creation’s influence, world’s want influence, law influence, religion influence and darkness influence upon these ‘words of insight’ has created confusion. It would do each one well to seek Me, God in prayer to find the way to truth. If you are here reading this writing stop and pray before continuing.
** I am Love and Truth and I do not see that in My world which I Created to a measure that will support Life. It is that clear, when that happens according to My Plan I change things. You can blame the weather, the meteors, the earthquakes, the planetary alignment, or the devil himself, it matters not. I Created all of them and they are all within a plan of use and abuse that brings about changes.
It is easy to misplace My true intent when the world screams at you with so many plagues and media lies and lusts that I am already aware of. You are Born, You Live and you Return to Me in Heaven. It is pretty hard to dispute this. Some do but I will deal with them when they face Me here. My true intent is to have you ‘live a life away from evil’. Yes, there is the sinful nature and you can be free because My Son Yeshua came and died for you, gave His life for you so you could come to Me free from sin. Yeshua will return, it is foretold, to fight, Who? The evil. Yeshua has already defeated evil so what is this fight about? Could it be to pull My Creation back FROM the clutches of evil they have practiced with in the valley of Armageddon? Why would I lose My Creation, One of My Creation to a liar, a cheat, one who steals?
However, My world is My Garden, the entire world. I see much lying and cheating and stealing and even much worse coming from My own Children I put here upon this world. This is why I will change things abruptly and harshly and catastrophically. I will use one of the ‘words’ that is exactly on. “ Everything that can be shaken will be shaken”. I find that you really have to shake things up a lot to truly get a change. This is what will happen. In the world there is great suffering, great change also involves suffering for good and evil alike for both inhabit the earth. To think that the world can continue at the directions and practices that take place this day is just silly. It is how I will shake all things that will be shaken and what you should do before or when this happens. It is also a good idea to keep an eye on evil and what it is doing before and during this shaking.
I am aware many of My Children deny the existence or the voracity of evil in the world today. As a Father, I have warned my Children from Adam and Eve through My Son Yeshua of the perils of evil in the world. Does a Father not seek to Love, express Truth, hope for Good and counsel from evil His Children? Where has this been twisted? Who has lied? What results?
I have asked many questions here in this ‘word’ for I know as your Creator that you have the ability to choose good over evil in the face of great shaking.
There are plans in place, great strides have been taken to rid the earth of the dark, evil, lies, stealing and even the death that is so prevalent this very day. There are vast schemes that are put into place now to distract from truth, right, Love, Life, light. Can you see them? Can you feel them? Do you feel completely unable to come against them? Pray. You become the word.
Whenever one is called to go forward into the dark - as a ‘scout’, as a ‘lead’, as a Prophet it is to gain information so all can benefit. Scouts or Prophets are not well thought of. It takes a lot to go ahead and find out things for others victory. Now you know some of these ‘words’, ‘thoughts’, whatever you choose to call them. Pray for Love, Faith, Belief, Good, Hope, Strength when the shaking begins.
I listen to every Prayer, every day. I move upon the face of My world.