What Comes
Change comes to My world for I am God and I do require change.
My Children cry out for change from their Bodies - tired, Souls - oppressed - and Spirits - of want for there is established darkness taking hold all around. I have withheld drastic change for a time to make way for better things to happen when the greater change occurs.
Behind the scenes, there are lies, I see them, hearts are filled with them. Men and women are plotting for the slavery and demise of not just a few of My own Children but all of My Children. I will never permit this. I will however allow a time of slavery to exist - a time of ‘tribulation’ to come about to establish the fierce pride and ego and arrogance of the enemy to turn My Children who will be turned unto Me.
Money never changes, it is used to enslave; use it as a tool, for yourselves only and gather - food, water, fuel, medicine, provision for the coming times. There is a great upheaval planned in the hearts and minds of all the powerful of the world for all of the finances of the world. This upheaval is not far off and will change all things and will bring slavery and fulfill the Prophesy of hundreds of Prophets that have spoken. It is inevitable for the world has ballooned and spent leaving behind the poor and needy and sick to die. If the wealthy gain at the loss of My ‘other Children’ I move. Yeshua moved, i phones = starving Children, plain and simple - concept is skewed and the planet will take it’s cost.
There is a nemesis, stealth, building an entire world army to overtake now. ‘It’ will destroy for ‘it’ has no conscience as a demon - do not forget this. I have allowed this, for now. It is within this year. You have been given the forewarning to prepare because of being called and hard work and Faith and Love unto Me, Prepare….