Time To Turn The Tables
I am the voice of Prophesy, I am Yeshua The Only Begotten Son of God who came in the flesh to save Father’s Children from sin. There is a great change coming and it will startle and astound, it will cause faces to be pale with horror as these changes are truly manifested fully. One change will fall upon another causing much shaking and much pandemonium to be known in every place. This is the will of My Father to a world who has ignored the reaching, warnings, and corrections of The Heavens and The Holy Spirit for generations.
I turned over the tables in the temples because the money changers were there in My Father’s house, yes. I also turned them over for they were selling the sacrifices at twenty times their value to those who could not afford it. This is greed bordering on slavery, this is why My Father will be shaking all things that can be shaken.
Religion has become a money changers vocation directly within the path of My Father’s sight. Greed has so overtaken the Creation of God the divestiture of money is unto an evil few while the many spend electronic false wealth into oblivion - the name of one of the most fierce demonic spirits.
The heat grows as does the aligning of ‘many’ things for it cannot be deciphered, stopped or prayed to be kept at bay any longer. The distraction of this is simply comical, you are arguing over seating positions in a raft in a river not watching the coming peril less vertical waterfall ahead and the crushing rocks below.
Where is the oil for your lamps virgins? Where are the storehouses of grain for all? For I tell you truly, My Angels will destroy those reserves that are for the few. Where is your Faith for the times of decision? I tell you truly the time will come when life, life eternal will depend upon who you gave a cup of cool water to.
The up turned tables are for change, not for destruction. When you hear or perceive all things will ’just be destroyed’….. stop and think. Would you destroy that which is GOOD? OR, would you frighten people as darkness into making rash decisions making them believe all is lost? This I give you today to save you. Hold to your Faith.
Change is harsh. Change is uncomfortable. Change is a slap in the face. It is needed. Prepare. Pray that My Prophet continues.