Time and Things Change
Time and things change, world changes. Father and the Heavens change however for love and strength, grace and truth, the ALL remain the same. What changes is life upon this world in a most drastic way for those Children - the Created Beings of Father who have looked away from clear life, from clear truth, from clear signs and wonders, scripture and countless prophesies of things to come. I am Yeshua, The Son of God, I came in the flesh to save Father’s Children from sin, from death, from temptation into dark and evil and to bring man back unto God.
I write to you as Prophet because you are good and truthful, you are kind and tender, you are innocent of world and you have no wrong of consequence in and around your life. You fight Me, Yeshua about this each day. I will win you with My love and acceptance of you. You must put yourself aside and do what you have been trained and called to do for these last fifteen years. Hear the words I am telling you and write them down and share them when I tell you it is time. This is a Prophet, you are this man but you are more. You would not be satisfied with the level and love and treasure of Heaven shown to you as you were called. You insisted on going further, it was your heart and drive, Spirit and more that will be shown to you. You desire to use your life beyond a Prophet to show HOW LOVE had saved you and healed you and re-made you. The is the love of Father, of Myself Yeshua and of The Holy Spirit, now of The Angels and of The ALL unto you - of Heaven. This will be, I will see to it for Father has called for it within your life. It will be.
Father, I Yeshua and The Heavens and the world and of course you have waited for a change - Creation including darkness looks for destruction for the deeds done and the horrible evil portrayed upon the earth. There will be a ‘folding out’ of plans and in the end it will include much destruction but that will be for the evil and the dark that chooses dark and to go away from truth and light. You were told in past times that Father was lifting His Holy Spirit from the world, His Grace, His Favor from much of where He had been. This has been done. It has gone on unnoticed. Religion and law took over with the false spirit where there was a void. The earth groans from this loss, it is not a Spirit groan, it is a physical groan and a change comes that was intent for thousands of years. Cycles will have a play in this but much bigger cycles than what can be conceived of upon the earth. These cycles effect all of the regular cycles upon the earth that are depended upon now - when one goes - most follow suit. It does begin with a changing of the earth’s alignment and continues unto the magnetic and weather into all electrical, unto the air, unto the behavior of animals and insects. Again when one thing changes a cascade of changes follow and it is fast.
There is an inability for ANY system of man to keep up at all. Too hide is futile, to war is futile, to steal is more futile for all is watched closely, this is a test time. Father resists destruction and the start of it, but all time is gone. You Prophet, all good, all faithful, all heart, all truth, all love, all innocent are of course spared but pain is a great part of life. You have worked to gain and want to work to help Children - all Children, this is gain. You are loved. Rest now, let go, I am with you, more for you later, give to you. I am Yeshua and this is Prophesy.



I Am Here With You
I am here with you again as Yeshua, The Son of God who came in the flesh to save man from sin and reconnect God’s Children back to Him as Father. You have been rigorously tested and tried again, both by the Heaven’s and by yourself. As I spoke of in the first writing you must ‘let go of self’ and hear distinctly from Me in Spirit. This is very difficult to do and is reserved for you. This Honor you wrestle with as your self feelings overcome you and world views slip in. I and Father and The Holy Spirit and your hard work at self reflection have enabled you to write today. I speak of you personally today within this Prophesy of the entire world for it would not exist if it were not for you. Overcoming love, truth and good is at the base of all true Prophesy just as it is at the center of a true prophet. I know you as this. There are harsh and harrowing words to write, of truth, about love, about Honor, and Integrity that they are laid down. Again, you are capable to do this and I must build you in an exhorting way to encourage you to continue. Your unique ways and a tender innocence ensures My truth here. Father’s lifting of His Spirit from the world has brought physical groaning from the world. The Children of the world in bondage have cried out for change for eons. It has been the same as of old but the multiples of Children are vast and the intensity of bondage of evil is far greater than past times. Things grow and prosper, things are tilled up when it is time to plant again. Many, many weeds and vines have grown up within the Garden of the world of the Children of God. It is vast and out of control. It is beyond briers and thorns for the roots of these ‘deep religions’ and ‘dark arts’ are beyond the limits of redemption. There is loss for there is choking of innocence of each subsequent generation if the generation is even allowed to come forward. You have known this and the weight has been back breaking to you. Father has secluded you - isolated you unto Himself for care to train and assist you for you cannot take the Prophet out of Prophesy in your case. You are not content to only give the words, you insist in doing more. You are one man so I take these burdens as you write so the message can get out.
I spoke of alignments and systems that will change and fail, these will do so quickly causing much that was trusted in to be turned upside down - no trust, lack of faith. This lack of faith is where the roots of destruction under the soil will take a great toll. There will be nothing to depend upon and dark and evil will take great advantage of this and steal from the Kingdom of Heaven God’s Children. Religion will be impotent, for it is law and based on false spirit practices. Good works that have not Heaven’s fruit will fall to evil for they are world based and gain has been made for the individual.
Where will one go? I have sent warnings and I have told in My word to be prepared. What is one to be prepared for? Look to what you are depending upon, no really, look at what you are DEPENDING upon. Is it this religion I spoke of that will fall because it is repetitive rules and laws and judgment and dividing one unto another? Who does that sound like? Is it family, for I said that brother will turn upon brother and even parent upon child in the hard times. Is it money? For I would not at all trust the finances of the world today and the changing markets. Who controls this money? Cesar? Give it back to him! Will you trust your leaders? I know, I am Spirit, and I do not show myself directly to you but do your leaders show themselves to you directly either? Do you depend upon the weather, medicine, grocery stores with three days worth of food or your cell phones, yes, I know what one is. Will your knowledge support you? I must ask these hard questions because I do know change is coming, it is not small, it is great destructive change like tilling up a world garden all at once.
You have to get the ’bad roots’ out somehow for they do not show to everyone but Father and I Yeshua see them and they take life from all things. Where will you be when the tilling of the world comes? There are things that each and every one can do but it will not be easy. Life is not easy for hundreds of thousands of Children of God for a long time. If you are reading this Prophesy you are very wealthy, you are chosen and you have ability for I follow My word.
It is love and giving and faith and sacrifice that will change things for your life in the immediate state. Your next steps are then into the Word of God and The Holy Spirit of God in Purity as I taught. What follows then is obedience and contriteness and with probably more sacrifice. Love is always first with forgiveness of all offences before Me and letting go of all past things yourself fully for Peace.
Wrath will come upon the world all around you, as close as your nose and as far reaching as you could ever imagine. The intensity will be as a fire burning in your emotions for the lost ones and the many, many deceived ones.
Deny and avoid at your own peril. Each and every ’change’ of this magnitude came with exactly the same warnings.
Love does conquer but it takes sacrifice, faith, work.
I came as Yeshua, Son of God to show this.