I Reach To You
I reach to you my child of sacrifice with Prophesy of the coming times for you and for the world, for my children and for the darkness that has subverted my children from knowing Me, their true Father, their Creator, the I AM from the Beginning.  You my child have sacrificed yourself and the things of your life to know me, your Creator and your Savior Yeshua the only begotten Son of God who came to the world to save the children of God from sin by His own sacrifice of his own body.  He is seated with me in the Heavenlies at my right hand preparing to return to judge the living and the dead in a final battle of good and evil that I as God have orchestrated to exercise the free wills of the Souls of my children.  You have done very well.
My world does not know me, my world does not understand the simplest concepts of God love and self love for there has been a foe at work here upon the world to thwart the progress of my children.  It is not a foe whom can overtake nor is it a foe that can justify.  It is a foe of lies.  It is a foe of religion and patterns that has learned my children and how to influence them. 
This has occurred because of pride, this has occurred because of greed, this has occurred because of my children’s willingness to want to control and manipulate each other or many others. 
I see individualfree will and expression for my children, the foe seeks imprisonment of self by self and the usurping of my gift of free will.  This I will not tolerate indefinitely and this is why I will move and this is why I will judge. 
If there is any evil there it will be judged whether within the foe or within my children.  That is what judgment is about. 
Search yourselves for any of these traits and remove them from you and you will escape the harshness of the ensuing wrath.  Those sold over to evil will incur great loss, those sold over to religion as well will not be able to depend upon false faith and the mockery of what was organized by man as a substitute for my genuine love and my Holy concepts that were at the fundamental concepts of your origin.  This is where man is most prideful and most deluded - within religion.  The false holy spirit is the greatest conqueror of humankind - turning and dividing all of my children one against another.  I allow it for pride must grow so pride must fall.  I am God and I alone know.
You must look deeper into the ways of the earth and the patterns of life if you are to truly see how close it is to the end times.  I will give unto you that I am creating a New Spirit Move to come between now and final judgment to call to my children one last time before it is beyond the limits I can endure.  I know what one is capable of and it pleases me that sacrifice will find the self love and the Heavenly love that is so lacking in all of the world. 
There is not much time but if this New Spirit Movement is nurtured as I have planned, many of my children will know their Savior and their Holy Spirit and perhaps their Heavenly Father.
There are gross evils taking place upon the world moment by moment to empower an anti- christ who is on the rise.  He will amass great power very soon and bring vast amounts of my children into Spiritual and physical slavery the likes which have never been seen or known because of the under girding scope of evil and sleeping people.  Wake up children or the power will manifest upon all that you hoped to save. 
Sacrifice has been done for this truth.  Where will your sacrifice be to assist your God to help his Children?