July 12, 2013


This is a very long Prophecy, I have much to say. I request that you pray before reading this as all Prophecy to know that this is for you to know and understand. This is a strong Prophecy filled with references to world and the things that are occurring on the world now rather than past times. You live in the here and now and so you need to know of My feelings as God your Father of these things in the here and now in the world. My wrath is growing and My words are harsh to the evil and to the backsliding of My Children and to the stiff-necked of My Children who will not head My warnings. To My Obedient Children, find Grace and Peace in Love and Pray for all of the world and for your Brothers and Sisters………
Children, My Children, I am sorry that it is hard on the world and that there are so many lies and darks and evils for you to face and try to find your way into good and Grace with what I have given you. I have given you much and this has been stolen from you. Can you ‘fight your way back to regain it’? I tell you in truth and full Authority that you can fight and I and all of The Heavens will fight with you in Faith and you will be victorious. I tell you in truth that Yeshua My Own Son will be with you and He, Yeshua as My Son has All Authority in the world and knows all of all of all of the world of all the dark and evil and lies that have been portrayed at you as My Children. He is angry.
A Lord who is angry at evil and dark as Yeshua The Son of God within you is a good ally to have. Take Him as Lord and Savior into your Heart and Mind and Life and new will come to you with the ‘fight’ I have mentioned to you of here. Reaffirm Yeshua within you in your Heart and Mind and Life as you first did when you came to know Him and see in these times how Yeshua can clear the fog away and then LISTEN to Yeshua and prepare to ‘fight’ as I said to gain the good. Yeshua does not want you to be religious about HIM! Is that not what Yeshua came to teach to be set free from? ‘Be free from the law and religion’ He said. Yeshua will not want you to act religious and all ‘churchy’ with Him in your Life. Let go and be My Children and get ready for a change. Yeshua was and is Created Man for this reason. Yeshua wants you to just come. Yeshua wants you as My Children, as His Lambs. Yeshua wants to be in you and save and help and fight with and for you in these end times. I do not have a cowardly Son Yeshua or do I have cowardly Children. There is a coward on the earth and the coward has given the coward ways of himself unto all of its minions and all of its many, many greedy stolen progenies. These will fall. Good, Honor, Respect and above all Love will win.
I have said in past Prophesies that I have many things to say. I will try to relate some of these to you now. There was a change in the world approximately one hundred and forty years ago in the country that is now the United States. There had been an assassination of the president and the subsequent overcoming of the Authority of the office of the president was ‘usurped’- STOLEN, for the first of many times by the dark and the powerful. I have watched this for I am God and I see all things and I can as well see the cruel works of these seemingly powerful few playing with My Creations Lives for their ignorance. There was a ‘reverse emancipation’; slavery was begun on an epic scale in the country known for freedom.
I tell you this so you see the depth of what evil has done and what I will do.
Things will change very soon now. I know of the plans that are had by all and I know of the wars that were played out for folly and futility and I know of the loss of banking control by the ever evolving creativeness of man and the new ways of The Spirit in the world. I know of the looking into all lives for I have looked into all lives all along as I look into all hidden lives right now. I look with Integrity and Honor and do not hurt or plan to hurt, only Help and Hope to encourage with what I gather. I have the volumes of information on each and every one of My Creation and I will discuss their Lives with each and every one of them when they face Me, God in Heaven on their transfiguration from this world to the next. Each man and woman will give an accounting of their life to Yeshua My Son so that he can judge them in My Presence and then I will tell them where they are to go, into Heaven or into eternal hell, away from My Love forever.
I tell you of the false need of abortion, I tell you that the main and only needed structure of the society on earth is a family and that is being destroyed, pulled apart piece by piece by evil. The father of the family was defaced and lost his Authority and pride came in, divorce and ridicule flared with greed flowing in while many starved throughout the world. Back to abortion, a difficult topic, it is for Me, God for I Create each Child that is destroyed. It is the responsibility of the man and woman who are having sex, they do know what happens when a penis enters into a vagina. The man and the woman that are having the child are to be responsible for their actions. This abortion is evil and satan himself and law and pride and money has come into the picture and loss is everywhere. There are millions of My Children lost and these are the defenseless children in the womb who have no voice.
 If an unborn child had a voice do you not think that child would say to you, ‘please do not kill me, and allow me to live’? There is a law that convicts a man for harming a Child in the womb but that same Child can be suctioned out by an ‘abortionist’ and it is legal. You as My Children have lost all forms of civility.
 It is lawyers and judges and doctors making money off of abortions leaving a wake of destruction that will be accounted for in Heaven. You all know that this needs to be said however painful. Women regret abortions for the rest of their lives, it is a fact of medicine and psychology and I of course know of it in Heaven for they are My Children. This is but one of the destructions of the family and this along with loss of Authority of father’s and rebellion on children and separation of Love and divorce rates will lead to destruction and dividing of society. This is what the evil wants for then it can come in and take the spoil, YOU and YOUR SOULS as SLAVERY. IT IS LOOKED AT AS SPOIL BY THE EVIL! That is all it is, your lives, your Children, your marriage, spoil.
I tell you this so you will see what evil has done and you will see what I will do.
What else would you say is the basis of society? Is the basis of society the electronic games you play? Is the basis of society the constant temptation of hours and hours of mindless war games and killing of each other in false worlds on the electronic games sold by the thousands and paid for with false money? This sounds like evil at work here and this is also happening to the most innocent of your society, the children at countless hours lost and gone. You as adults carry your cell phones with endless ‘apps’ with additions that are just a trap to entomb you, to addict you and then pull the plug and leave you alone and without any means of communication. This is also the evil one working to arrest society. How many of you have looked at yourselves and thought, ‘this phone is just foolish and these games I am playing are just wrong’?
I tell you this so you will see what evil has done and you will see what I will do.
Is the basis of society the false competition of the field games and the astronomical salaries paid to professional athletes that have ‘god like’ followings in gambling and television viewing? Are these false rigged games and planned out cathedrals of sports games costing millions to a billion dollars all supported by advertising but really by more taxation dollars what society is all about? Is this how you will maintain the rest of life on earth in avoidance and worship while the sons and daughters are ignored? Only a few blocks away from these huge stadiums are homeless shelters with helpless and homeless people. The price for entrance to these ‘sports games’ is far beyond what the average person can pay. Do you think that I will honor any person of fame that comes to me in Heaven and states, ‘I am this celebrity or I am this star.’? I tell you in truth, the first will be the last and I have stars only in the Heavens that I created. They will be thrown down and left to the very last for what they have excelled themselves to be to Me, God.
I tell you this so you will see what evil has done and you will see what I will do.
I as God see ‘inside’ and it is sickening to know the lies and fabrications that are done in the name of ‘science’ and ‘history’ and ‘ecology’ and ‘medicine’.  Medicine is the worst lie of all with reports of cures and false reports of diseases and false reports of vaccines to cure problems that are not even there. There are cures for all things available for all things, I have made them and given them freely. These have been ignored and taken by default and hidden away like the scriptures of old that were too ‘hot to handle’ or were against the powerful few making the money. You suffer My Children. There are then false drugs and money paid to politics for the health care of many that will never have it. Retirement and insurance is a fear mongering industry and it has bled people dry for years with false claims of wealth that never comes. All lies and all deeper into the evil and dark that I will expose and it will startle all. There is an absence of the money.
I tell you this so you will see what evil has done and you will see what I will do.
Love Children, Love is what I am compelled to tell you about now.  The world and Free Will and Life and Creation and All that I as God have done is about Love. I ask you to stop and look at the religions of the world and compare them to Love. There is not Love in religion. There is a ‘false dark spirit’ in religion and this mimics all things of good. The religions of the world, all of them that have a ‘ISM’ or form of that by them (Lutheranism, Catholicism, Judaism, Buddhism, Muslim and Islam, Mormonism, Confucianism, Baptist, Methodist) They are all the same. They take rules and forms of law and divide themselves from others and elevate themselves to a different level than their Brothers and Sisters. This is NOT what Yeshua, My Son taught to the world and yes I know Yeshua was a Jew. Yeshua’s teachings of leaving religion are all through the Bible. More have died from religion than anything else in this current history.
I tell you this so you will see what evil has done and you will see what I will do.
I am Father, Yeshua called Me this. I Created All Things, I made beauty and gardens and animals and plants and everything that will sustain you and abilities within you to grow and prosper. I have brought forth Blessing upon Blessing for all of you as Children. Do you really think that the word of God is accurate in that I would send one ‘tribe’ after another to absolutely destroy ‘others’ in that they are all My Children? I would order them to kill ‘All Women and Children and livestock and leave nothing standing’ within these villages for the sake of conquering of another? This is not of Me as God, this is of evil and of dark and attempts to make me the ‘scapegoat for years of misfortune and bad decisions. This is religion and it has ‘held up’ for hundreds of years because no one would dare to challenge the religion of the time. Well, here I am and I do not like to be lied about. I love all of My Children and I Hope for ALL of them and it is the evil that causes them to turn from Me not the world that I made.
I tell you this so you will see what evil has done and you will see what I will do.
Now I will tell you what I will be doing in the coming times.
I will shake all things. I will dig up the soil of the earth to root out the bad roots of evil and hidden things of lies and deception that have lingered for centuries. These are just below the surface as I have said before in other Prophecies but My Children remain sleeping. I will Love My Children and send My Son Yeshua for them. I will also do other things to help them that I will tell of in another time. These ‘other things’ will surprise all and will be of new and wonderful ways. They are welcomed and are of power and of Truth and of Light and of Love of course. In the shaking as I have said it will have to get very bad for whenever you shake all things you shake good along with bad. The good will have their Faith to rely upon and this is the reason for this and ALL OTHER MESSAGES. Faith and Love are the reasons for Me as God to continue to send Prophecies. They are not to draw attention to the Prophet. Just ask one of My True Prophets if they would like the attention. They will state absolutely NO! They constantly get in trouble when they gain attention in My name as God. It is better Prophets know to remain quiet and secluded in My care as Father. It is for Love and to Build Faith that a Prophet comes forward and writes this way.
There have been so many messages of doom and gloom from so many sources. This one states this and that one states that. I have said that ‘this is MY GARDEN’. Why would I destroy it? I am going to till it up and I am going to shake it up and I am going to remove bad things and all of this brings a difficult time for all. What these changes do for the earth is not destroy it but Build from the remnant and make a new way for all of Heaven. This is My true Plan as God.
I have gone on and on now. I will say more later. There is always much for Me as God, Father to say for I have been stifled for so many eons by religion and fear and misunderstanding. I am Father and I am Love and as I have said time and again I will be revealed either here on earth as Love as My Son Yeshua said and The Holy Spirit attests or in Heaven to you as Love. My Love cannot be stopped, ever.
These words in this Prophecy are for truth and for Building up and are for Love and for finding Life in the midst of the lies that have been told for so very long. You must be prepared and when I call, answer. I do promise I will save all good but I will destroy all evil. Awaken sleepers, prepare for the lies to be revealed.  Tell all of these writings.