July 8, 2013


I am heavy hearted, My Son Yeshua is heavy hearted, My Heavens are heavy hearted, My Son who is prophesizing to you here is heavy hearted. You yourselves are heavy hearted or you would not be searching these writings and websites for answers. My world is heavy hearted looking for these answers. I can provide them.
Please pray before reading this as with all other Prophecies. Seek The Son of God, Yeshua, The Holy Spirit of God and seek God The Father, The Creator of All Things to know that this is in fact what you should be reading. This is a strong writing and can bring responsibility to you for the information that it carries.
To any one of dark reading here: If you are here looking for information of how I am going to come against the evil and dark and are here now to ‘thwart’ Me and My Children I would advise you to leave now for I have already ‘found you out’ by your touching and reading of this writing and I am looking into and boring into your mind and life I Created for you as you read this now to change your mentality and abilities. This is a threat and I carry out My threats fully, I see you.
Now to My Children; I see everything and I know where all things are and how and why all things do what they do. I am perfect and you are not and you do not yet see this perfection in your lives on earth. My ways are mysterious and hidden from you; however, My ways always bring perfection in spite of ways of world but it takes a long time to reveal these. You will see all in Heaven and some things here on earth.
Many are waiting for a ‘rapture’ to come to the earth, a taking away of the Believers in Christ Jesus, The Son of God. This is not truth, this will not happen. There is reference to a ‘taking away of one of the two’[Thessalonians] in scripture and in several places in the Bible but these scriptures have been taken out of context [as to when one is called by God] and have been used by the darkness and evil to destroy many of My Children’s Lives and Faith. There is not the word ‘rapture’ in the word of God. I will explain several concepts of this theory so that you can see why it is wrong and you can not only turn from it but you can help others turn from it without hurting them. This is a deep painful misunderstanding and care needs to be used.
This theory or idea began in about the 1830’s [John Darby] and was conceived by the false spirit to lure My Children onto a false sense of relief when things begin to become difficult. Life is difficult and has always been and it will always be. Life is filled with decisions co-mingled with Free Will and choice for good over evil and light over dark. To be free of this is to be transferred into Heaven or to ‘die’ as it were. Heaven is different.
As a parent as many of you are is it not impossible for you to gather several of your Children to you and leave several of your Children to suffer because of beliefs or mistakes or temptations or outright lies? I am talking about fire and destruction and suffering and epic horror of the worst kind. This will be on the world. I am talking about judging and watching all of your brothers and sisters from Heaven as they face horrors and suffer at the hands of demons and situations that are far reaching beyond death with the devil and an anti-christ on the prowl marking and putting into slavery My Children for what? This is what is to be if you were ‘raptured’?
Could you watch that from Heaven and say to Me, God, their Father, ‘well that is the way it goes, I did a good enough job in MY LIFE on earth and they will have to get by for now on their own.’
Would you not want to have Honor and Fight and go back to earth and defend all of My Children and stop judging them by the religion that you have practiced with on the earth for so many years Believing that you were somehow better than another?
This is a tremendous deception Children. Send this Prophecy out ‘viral’ as it were to all that can hear for this ‘rapture’ is Believed by so many and it carries with it an ‘evil spirit’ and it also carries with it an ‘evil spirit of denial’ as well to cover it. Can you imagine how crushed My Children’s Faith will be when I do not come to ‘beam them up’ when the going gets tough as it does in any shaking and change that I have Prophesized already? This concept or idea of ‘rapture’ has the devil written all over it for it will deceive many in the last days and many will lose their Faith and fall faint for the time as scripture states. My Son Yeshua stated these things when on earth.
You My Children must be there on earth to help one another in the end times, in the current times, in any times. It is the witness of the Spirit of God WITHIN each of you that will make a difference. Yes it will be hard, I made you hard and tough and resilient and beautiful and filled with Honor and able to know Yeshua My Son and minister WITH HIM, not Believe He would somehow be your ticket for freedom. Help My Children with the Beauty of Yeshua that is within you and the power of The Holy Spirit that can also be within you. Would Yeshua run from those calling to Him for help?
You cannot be up here in Heaven and help the hurting and deceived and lied to and wavering lost Children on the earth. Stop and think for a moment could you look Me, God in the face in Heaven knowing the suffering, screaming going on all over the earth as Father…..Could I look at you? Those are your Brothers and Sisters, My Children.
Every parable, every scripture speaks of Humility and Sacrifice, of Honor and Justice and Giving and Care for One Another: This ‘rapture concept’ is of self- conceit and one sided gain from false practices. It is how the devil wants you to think and act. The basis of this spirit is debauchery and pagan practices and has its roots in ancient rites. This has been taught and gained a tremendous ‘foothold’ for hundreds of years and I now intervene to save My Children’s Faith and Belief.
We must look at the man that began this idea and each man and woman that Believes in this convoluted idea and the demonic ways that have entrapped people for these hundreds of years. Each of My Children ‘want to get out of trouble’, it is an instinct. I know this of My Children, when we are truthful we can be in fact ‘naked and open’ and much can be done to be in Love more fully. Love is what defeats all darkness and all of the false teachings of the devil that are in the world today and that are coming to you in a greater way in the coming times.
As I told you of in earlier Prophesies, there are words of aliens and words of vampires and words of alternative universes. These are the works of dark and evil and illusions and demons trying to deceive you as this old dry ‘rapture’ theory did. It did not take Me long to tear it down with a few carefully placed words and TRUTH and POWER did it? I do expect a lot of you as My Children and your intellect and the thinking ability I put into you. I ask many questions of you to prompt your minds to ponder the outcomes of these ideas. I am God and I know how they all work.
There will be more convoluted theories coming from dark and evil and even men and women of the world Children. There will be vast things happening that will test your mind and your eyes and your ears and your touch and taste and even your very existence. Listen to My words as Creator Children.
*You were born of good and of Love and you cannot be separated from that. *I Love you as God your Father and this will never change. *I will keep calling to you and I will try until the very last to try to save you with My Son and with My Spirit and with My Angels and with My Heavens. *I will use My judgment in the end for evil, not for the ignorant and for the lied to. *I have mercy in My Heart.
I have a unique Prophet here. He cries now. He feels My Heart. He knows how the world will suffer at the hands of the evil and the dark and the powerful few wielding their seemingly great money at the all and gaining the slavery of My Children at the expense of Souls. I see all as I said in the beginning of this writing. The wealthy as well will not escape and there will not be one wealthy log in the forest not turned over that I will not see you as maggots and insects under, trying to scurry away from My Revealing Light. It is always the same the love of money is the root of evil.
Love Redeems and Supports, the Word Redeems and Supports. My Spirit Redeems and Supports. My Son Yeshua Redeems and Supports. My Children will find the Love and Word with My Son and My Spirit and Faith and Belief will lead them. It will be a difficult time as Life is but there will now not be false illusions of ‘taking away’ and the other things I have described to you in these Prophecies.
I am Father, calling to My Children. I Love you all as My Children, I have so much to tell you and so much Love to share with you. I am still heavy hearted as I was when I began this writing but I am going to be hopeful that My Children will Believe and have Faith and now help their fellow Brothers and Sisters out in this time of need. I will have hope that Love will grow and gain and greed will not overtake and these old dusty ways of religion will be gone, replaced by new fresh Faith and Belief and Prophesies and ‘going viral’ for many to be gained for Heaven with new information based on gentle truth and careful explanation. It is up to each and every one of you. You become the word.