June 19, 2013


Prophecy: Yeshua: Love:
Love is the most powerful dominating force in all of existence. Love creates all things. Love renews all things, Love Builds all things and Love tears down and defeats all of the evil and darkness in the world today and will all days. God is Love. God's Son is Love. God's Spirit of Holiness is Love and all of Heaven is Love. This Heaven is where Love exists, in God and from God and with God and as We are with God it can and will exist with and in us as God's Children when we chose God.
Good, Light and Love and Truth cannot exist with dark and evil. This is lie, error, double minded and brings death. To have Good and Light and Love, Truth within you is a Blessing and brings the notice of God and the notice of dark and evil as well. God will notice you to build the Good and Light and Love and Truth even more and then consequently dark and evil attempt to tear these traits down into more dark and evil with sin and lie and error and double mindedness. This is what is happening in the world today, this is one of many reasons I am writing this Prophecy to you this day. There are many concepts and many ideas within this writing for you to understand. Please pray and read carefully.
Love CAN and WILL prevail! Love will always prevail in Heaven and this is the most important Blessing of this Prophecy for you to take today but there is more. God, Our Father always has more Blessings for us. Love CAN and WILL prevail on earth if you Believe and have Faith.
I as Yeshua The Son of God, came in the Flesh to save man from sin and restore man to God Our Father and bring The Holy Spirit to the world to assist the Creation of God. I am watching over The Creation of God to see how they Live on and in the world and I will return in fullness to judge the living and the dead and defeat evil fully. I come here now as The Voice of Prophecy to the Prophet so that My Word can get to you to help you. My Father, God, also has many other Blessings in mind for His Children to help and assist them in these difficult times to come upon the earth. Again, read carefully and prayerfully and Believe and have Faith in all I say to you.
There is vast judgment upon the earth. I had said 'look not to the speck in your brother's eye when there is a log in your own eye.' Why is it so easy to judge another? It is because there is not Love within you and there is dark and evil lurking at your doorstep waiting to come into your house and take over your life. I had also said, 'you will be judged as you judge.' This is important to remember in your lives of stress and negativity and loss and pain. If there is not Love and giving, if there is not care for others and forgiveness and tolerance for all then there is again dark and evil at the door of your house gaining entrance and living with you.
I will judge you as the 'judger that you are'; to the fat and ugly and different and poor and diverse and other than you another is. Finding fault with another is a slippery path. There is evil within people and there are things that one should flee but here also you should not EVER judge for you can get caught within the trap of dark and evil that makes up the entire world that I am coming back to judge.
I will now return to Love and talk to you again about that which is not Love so you will know how to escape that which is dark and evil and become a helper, a giver, a Child of God who grows with God in this time; not one who digresses into terror and fear when things change and shake as Father and The Holy Spirit and I have been telling you about through these writings.
The Heavens have sent warnings through Prophets it seems forever, both filled with truth and many filled with conjecture and falseness. You must pray and seek The Holy Spirit as I, Yeshua told you for full Truth within yourselves. I do ask that you do not avoid and 'detain the reality' of what is happening around you in the world and apply that to your insides and feel the Love or loss of Love, or judgment within you. This will be the greatest indication that you need to seek Heaven, Prayer, The Bible and Father and I, Yeshua as The Son of God and Our Holy Spirit for Help. We will help any Child that calls with a Heart of Humility and Contriteness and Submission, Always.
What takes Life, Takes Love. What seeks to dismiss and underrate and cause to judge and make less than any form of 'Living Being' is evil and dark and is what I died for on the Cross for all of you. This evil and dark will never, ever stop until it has destroyed your liberty, your freedom that I gained for you and it has then put you into the worst form of slavery that you can imagine. Stop and think a moment what some of my Words as Yeshua The Son of God were that I said to the world………
The meek shall inherit the earth….. Blessed are the poor for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven…. Be glad when your Father in Heaven reproves and disciplines you for there you know that your Father Loves and cares for you and for your growth….. Never return evil with evil but return evil with Love….. Forgive your- self and all others who have done harm to you….. Love your neighbor as yourself…… Love your God with all of your Heart and all of your Body and all of your Mind and all of your Spirit……. Will you defend these? There are many more.
There are NOW wars and rumors of wars. There are earthquakes and volcanoes waking from slumber. There are things happening in the skies throughout the world and far above the skies that have you guessing and wondering of the origin of all things. The trust of man is truly going away as Life itself is being degraded by money and politics and greed and lies and councils and many that I tell you are not entirely human, (demonic Children, there are no aliens). The demonic has been here in the earth for a long time and has looked for a 'host' to enslave and also for an 'escape' for its fate as it has been written out in The Word of God. All Prophecy written within The Word of God has been fulfilled. We await Father's move to begin the shaking of all things.
'I came not to bring Peace but to bring a sword.' That sword is to fight for you as Father's Children who have gone into [and back into] the dark and evil away from all I said. I will try again to save those who have left the Grace of God their Creator and have gone to self and away from Love. I will write more. Father watches all of His Children very carefully, Hopefully.