June 6, 2013


Prophecy: What does Father really do?
I am God The Father, The Creator of All Things. I am The I AM of The Bible and The Holy One of Truth and Light and Life of all time and all Love. I am Love.
I write to you this day through my Prophet, My Son who has been called by Me to walk and be trained by Me and by The Heavens. This Prophet, I will refer to Him as Son from here on in this writing, has been trained by Yeshua, My only Begotten Son who came to the world in the flesh to save Creation from sin and restore Creation back to Me in fullness. My Own Holy Spirit is within My Son, this Man, who writes to you My words and it is The Holy Spirit who helps and encourages Him in His walk. It is difficult.
I write to you this day because the world is changing. It is My world and everything in it is mine. I know all that is happening in the world and I am troubled, saddened, concerned, wrathful, and angry, whatever word you choose to use for this situation. I have written to you of Prophecy in the past of Changing and Shaking and these times are closer still. These will be formidable times and will bring about much suffering for all. I as a Father and a Loving God do not want these but the ways of evil and dark and the ways of continued sin in My own Children, Creation I must change. I have Hope within Love and so I move to change for this reason. Hope drives Love and Love bares all things; it is this Love and Hope that motivates Me as God to bring about drastic change and what would appear to you in and on earth as catastrophic.
I can forewarn, I can send Prophets and they are maligned and spit at because they bring news of eventual destruction that DOES take place. It is a difficult place to be. Within each of you is the knowledge that in fact all of what I am saying is going to take place, it is the denial of these things and the level of evil and dark within you that makes the lesson that much harder for you to take. I am sorry for this as your Creator but this is a truth of world and flesh and your Beautiful Souls and the Free Will I have given you.
I tell you of things in countless ways; The vast media, movies in the theatres; I know not all of you can afford to go and see these but many do and thousands of wealthy people that are going can have an impact on thousands of My Children and can have an opportunity to make a difference from what they see. Are your eyes being opened here Children? I, God am the true Creative One who inspires Men and Women to create the movies and videos and games and books and media inventions and magazines and stories in spite of dark and evil trying to thwart Me as God.
I, God, your Creator am trying to stop the ‘shock and horror’ of the reality that is coming to you in these end times. Are your eyes being opened yet Children? I am your Father, your God and I am bigger than all of the dark and all of the evil and all of the falseness of men and women that have lied to you for all of your lives. I have to wake you up and I have to make you aware that ‘under the surface where dark is’ there is a plan afoot to put you into slavery that is much like the movies and video games and horror stories I have inspired to come forward. The dark ‘under the surface’ seeks to enslave. This dark and evil will ‘enslave’ like a vampire or alien or zombie. These are fantasy variations of the reality of demonic forces and their reality is worse. So many of My Children Believe in the reality of these ‘forces’ as control; not realizing that demonic evil is the only force behind and I as God am The Good and I am calling to My Children to Save them as Yeshua did as The Holy Spirit does each day.
This call is not with religion, this call is not with rules and law. This call is with sacrifice because all time is nearly gone. If you look around really clear Children, your eyes will begin to clear and you will see that in fact all time is nearly gone. You must make room for change now; you must look at yourselves and ask, ‘what can I do to help another?’
I will be looking for….. Benevolent Children….. in these end times. Sacrifice is the way of the end times. This is a sweeping and grand concept, This is all important Children. I can go on and on of the politics and the money, of the wars this and the sex that. I can tell you the devil did this and the demons did that. What is the good?
I tell you as a Father tells a Child, Do For A Neighbor and Love Yourself As A Reflection Of Me Within You and You Will Defeat the Ways of Dark and Evil and I Will Stand With You and All of Heaven Will Stand With You.
This time will be very hard Children, there will be storms and earthquakes and many of My Children will fall for ignorance. In these times there will be much falseness that you will have to be on guard for, there is already falseness here but the level will be so much deeper that you will stand back with wonder and amazement and horror.
All dark, all evil must be stopped by the ways of good and right and truth and Love in you as My Children. This is a huge request to make of you but I did make you and I know what you are capable of. To give of you to others is the best. You do not need to give as My Son Yeshua did. He died for you all, for your sins and Yeshua is returning to help rid the earth of all evil as the Bible states. It is during this ‘shaking and changing time’ that you will need the help of the Heavens. Do for others, follow what I and Yeshua and The Holy Spirit and these Prophesies have told you in Love and you will ‘fare’ better in these times.
I am God as I said, I am Father and I care for My Children. I will care for you here in Heaven and I have cared for you on earth. I will watch as you give to others and send the help you need when things are hard. I always have.