November 3, 2006


Prophecy: ---[one of the first ones given to me speaking of change coming to all]---
The Blissful peace of neutrality I give unto you. Faith has brought you here to hear from your God, your Father: with words of Love, Life and My response. I take the acidity of Life away, I remove the wrangling of the mind; I bring Grace. I stand near to you as always and feed your Life; the Life of Heaven.
I have again told you and have directed you to some end time facts and scenarios. Remember My wonderful Prophet Son; do not fear. I will provide all things for you; I do not mean a few extras; I will provide all that you will need. My Creation is very adaptable My Son, the true joyful things of Life have been obscured by the world and the flesh. Much has been made of the insignificant things of Life and the wonderful things of Life are forgotten.
Love My Son, the Love of Me to you and you to Me. This is Love of your spouse, the Love of your children and their Loves, and the Love of innocence of little children. Beauty My Son, the beauty of your Body, Creation, the world around you, Life, the Life of the scriptures in your Life and that which you make, design and create. The Life of diversity, music, art, animals, food, taste and color for the eye; all I have given. I have given much.
The time for change is coming My Child, it is closer, actually looming for I cannot hold back My will and the absolute need for change. Change comes as a birth, a birth for something new but it does bring birthing pains and crying noises that signal change. I tell you because you are the Prophet. I tell you because you have remained steadfast and true, obedient and humble. You have shared with others –here- your words and visions of I, God for I had directed you to do so. The ones whom I will use in these now near end times are followers of Christ, filled with The Holy Spirit of God, cleansed and free of demonic indwelling strongholds and religious practices. Humble, contrite, knowing and understanding are these Children of Mine, knowing of Authority, warfare and Anointing by the ways that I have taught you and you have shared. These are Children who are submitted and understand. You are Noah in this; the time for you to come in is nearly here. You are secure in the level of this message and the level of warfare to receive it. I will not leave you and I will assist you in the warfare to ease your mind. Write these things in the continuum My Son. Upon your enrapture (Taking away) with Yeshua you are to be healed, restored and given the knowledge and wisdom you are entitled to; this you have waited patiently for and now I begin to move upon the earth.
Darkness will come up to the world and will be revealed to Creation. This will appear to be a time for evil to have its way and yes many will fall for the familiar ways already practiced with evil. Religions will align with these evils for there will be many ‘angels of light’. They will hate you for you hold the only truth for their demise and so you and yours will need to remain close to the protection. Much is to be played out yet My Son. Write with Me.