October 22, 2008


Habakkuk 2:4         Micah 2:4-6         Zephaniah 1:8-9         Ezekiel 42         Nahum
Jeremiah 21         Isaiah 12         Proverbs 6         Revelations 14: 6,7,12

I am sorely grieved for I have been cast out of My Children’s lives. I have been asked to go and I have been forced out by the litigious few for the silent majority remained cowardly at bay. I have been pushed out of My Little One’s lives for guidance and sanded off of monuments as My word was removed. I was spurned and used for every money making scam and blamed for each and everything that went slightly awry in anyone’s life. My cherished feasts were blasphemed and turned into megamall shopping frenzies and all the while evil was allowed to gain its seducing control hold of strangulation upon My Children.
Who are you worshiping earthlings? To whom are you bowing down to? Has your almighty dollar your stomach a turn for the sour side? I have lifted My Hand of Grace from many areas of the world where I was cast out and the subsequent rush back in vacuum created therein brought evil upon the land and many seducing spirits of confusion and blocking the real truth. Are you hopelessly undone? Not yet.
I will always protect My righteous ones but those that do not know Me will have a faint heart when I now lift My Hand of Protection and My Hand of Grace from those areas that have cast Me out. There is much wrangling going on for the control of the ‘dominance’ of the power of the countries and I see a great spiral of religion moving towards the involvement of one world order. This will occur. This country is in a raft going down rapids right now and everyone is trying to avoid the rocks and keep the raft afloat- but- no one has prayed and this river has a deadly waterfall just around the bend that only The Spirit and now you can see.
The world should not be so snooty either for it is well tied to your raft. There is someone who has put you in the raft and is keeping you in there. Much will be crushed on the rocks below. I know that evil does not care how much people suffer – remember that when I tell you that someone is evil.
You cannot take the infrastructure away from what you have here. Religion however I will show to be dead – again. I will only allow my Prophet Son to show some particular miracles to people – none to evil – except to destroy them fully – that power will be there. Much is to be done and discovered. Come forward.