This is Truth, Love, Power, Life
I have come to speak through the Prophet of God at a time in the world of change. This change will not be small with change as Truth lists but will be sweeping and graphic. This change will create the flow of good and evil and the recognizing of it in the world that has not been experienced before. The Children of God have been protected from this for all of known time. This will change. The dark has only been seen, experienced, understood fully by those who either practice the dark or by those who oppose it. This is what will change.
There will be a great infusion of Light yes, but there will also be a great shaking and a great change that will need to take place first. You see, I have looked over the earth for the Truth and the Love for a long time. I have looked for the Truth in the Hearts of men and women both with and without Faith and Belief. I see all things, Believe for all things, Hope for all things.
The ways of the world, the earth, the Children of God on the earth are very evident. It is where you stand in absolute Truth when you stand…. still alive, in this world that will effect and affect the changes that will be unto you. How do you stand in Truth?
The ways of the world, the earth, the Children of God on the earth are also very evident in Love and how you stand. This applies also in Power and Life. Each of these things, Truth and Love and Power and Life are very important to Me. Without them I see only dark for without them there is only dark. Not Life, only dark….this changes now.
There is a ‘feeling within’ so many of the Creation of God. This ‘feeling’ is one of unease and of an impending, want or calling out. It is felt by many. It is a ‘Spiritual Feeling’ and it will be growing stronger as time comes closer to change.
There is one who steals, one who is a liar who takes and will deceive so many and has deceived many now so that I cannot find the Love and Truth and Power and Life I seek to rescue. This one will say and do false things and will have a host of false servants. If you have read the Bible you will know of this in full. If not flee this ‘one’ - for it is only by God the Father and by God the Son and by God The Holy Spirit that one is held safe. One MUST confess this to be believed in these times.
John 20: 22 and having said this He (Yeshua) breathed on them and they received The Holy Spirit……What did they get? How did they do all of those miracle things? How did Yeshua do all of those miracle things? Was it the Power of the Spirit? I am here looking for Truth.
The valley of decision is a difficult place to be when you are only relying on your works and hollow faith and half- truths and questionable love and less power than you would prefer. It does not promote a good decision for Life Children of God. You are ALL Children, Creations of God.
Who am I? ………………The Holy Spirit