This is Now
The alignment that no one understands into The Heavens is an opening - Call it a window, call it a door, a portal - It is NOT A BLACK HOLE! I bring life and a great and abrupt change to all that distorts My ways so clearly and time Honored shown.
-Life, Light, Light, Creation, Authority, Family, Faith, Honor, Integrity, Truth, Right, Growth, Giving, Care. All of these are life and each have been dissected and twisted and contorted until they are not recognizable to Me. Here My wrath grows to epic proportions.
-Love as pure Heaven Love without 'civil contract problems' or divorce rates where they are proves this. Life is taken from the womb each day by force by laws of 'choice' out of control. You are causing the unborn to suffer for what you did not have the responsibility to avoid. Light is diffused by dark, 'feasts' of yearly celebrating obscured by spending to outlandish levels, debt covers all light. Creation is allowed to be governed by manipulating genes of plants and animals soon now organs and people. All shown to be unhealthy while billions of dollars are made selling false created food to starving poor.
-Authority is lost in government media, banking, marriage, families so therefore in the entire earth. Families, where is the structure? How have families been ravaged when men and women will not take their places? There are only two, MALE AND FEMALE and the children 'I' give them. How are they raised? Do you blame all others for the mistakes and responsibilities you have avoided?
-Where is Faith? Is it in the one hour of 'church' on Sunday or another practiced form of praying or chanting or following one god or thousands of gods? Will the one you put your 'faith' in to lead you be there to care for you when their life is in tatters as yours is?
-Where do I look in My world to find Honor? Is it in the war torn countries of loss and political unrest and financial meltdown? Is it in the poverty stricken nations poised on the brink of collapse? Will you find Honor, Integrity and Truth and Right and Growth there? As well, do you think My eyes do not travel to the countries and men and women that 'contributed' to these situations of gross loss and death of MY CHILDREN at THEIR HANDS? Where is Honor and Integrity in 'those countries'? Wrath will come.
I know there is Giving and Care in each of you as My Children, I put it there, what has happened? Has this Giving and Care been sub-contracted out to others at the expense of loss to you and how it 'feels' to do it yourselves?
If you look closely at these words from a 'Creators perspective', from a 'Father's perspective', from 'God's perspective' are you surprised I am wrathful? You can blame Me, God for all that is going wrong or is going to go wrong. You can blame evil for all of your woes as well.
I am God and I change things. There is always time to regain the Good. Be Honest with yourselves and turn. Each movement counts. I as God, as Father listen watch and listen to word and prayer, every action counts.
Alignment of the entire cosmos is so I can get a 'full view' of My world from Heaven and change what is needed. I will save ALL GOOD, I will destroy ALL EVIL. I will build from the remnant. There is no escape, no cave, no 'special place' My Angels cannot reach. Sadly, there is no 'special place' crafted that evil will not follow you in and I will destroy it and you both.
Seek Faith, Love, Endurance, Grace, Mercy, Hope. As you call in true heart, I answer.