Time of Love and Chance to Come
I have hope for my children, for My creation to accept love and life, healing and deliverance from the many plagues of the world that have well beleaguered them. I am sending love to My children, Spiritual love. It is not the love of religion and flesh. It is a love of acceptance that looks above the lists of items you all carry of the degrading of self. It ignores these seemingly insurmountable odds and states ‘come to me’.
There is a time coming soon when some things will change in the world. Now this is not new for things are always changing in My world in some way but these changes will be felt on the ‘insides’ of everyone. This is how the world will change, from the inside of the Spirit of Creation.
Something will be different, there will be an element of shock at first for the base, for this element is Christ and Christ is Love and the world does not know love of the Spiritual Christ Yeshua kind. My world had only a small taste of such a special love thousands of years ago when He gave His body for all of Creation. There have been some small instances of this Spiritual love here on earth since but none to compare to what I will do within this gift for my Children.
There will be an abundance of healing for in love there is much healing and wherever Yeshua is there is always much drastic healing. Healing of bodies and removal of past disease, restoration of lives and especially of the minds so ravaged by hate and by demonic torment. This will all be subdued by love, love of a kind that is hated by the lower forms of life here upon the earth because they have no defense against it. This love will bind up the broken hearted and will give back hope to an otherwise hopeless state of mind.
This has to be a large infusion of love and so it will be, there will be no lack of abundance of power for it will be the Creator’s power, Yeshua’s power, the Holy Spirit’s power all within the will of the Father’s power. There are no illusions.
There are however opportunities to choose this love as one would choose a gift offered. Many will not choose love because of wealth or religion or evil or the darkened will of self and that must be. For the rest there is great life offered and freedom and change for it is actually true and ‘I really am going someplace wonderful when I leave the earth!’.
I have waited a long time to bring this love to my Children as a final opportunity to grasp Christ Yeshua in healing and in love before the final judgment comes so soon now.
I as a Father do not want to loose so many Children to the falseness from false love and from being robbed loving oneself because of outdated laws and organized stipulations.
Come away and join the true Spiritual Love my dear ones have foraged ahead to gain for many. The lower life forms will cower near this power. Many will scoff, let them go. Gather my true eminent Sons tangible love around you and watch vast miracles happen. It is time to move now.
I will require my children back to me by the cost of their acceptance and laughter.