All sickness, disease, infirmity is from the evil one, satan. He is the author of all suffering and illness upon the earth today. The evil one is also the author of lies and would have us believe that these plights upon our bodies come from God. They are not, and God comes to us to heal us from the things that have been placed upon us in the world. We have all authority given to us upon the earth by our declared and risen Savior, Christ, Yeshua, the Son of God.

I come against and break the claims staked upon the world by the evil one in the dividing up of the lands into principalities for the dispatching of illness. I break the powers of those principalities by the power of Christ and I bind them and their subsequent demonic owners and stop their power by the power of Christ. I take away their establishment and the blocks of earth that are above and below the entire earth and particularly the area in which I stand and that I pray for now. I sever myself from evil as a creation of God that had been susceptible to sickness and free myself from their bonds by the power of Christ.

I command away from me the rolling plagues that are carried by the creation of God that are agreed to by each practicing territory and territorial demon. I break their powers and I bind them and place them at the feet of Christ.

I cut away myself by the power of Christ from all generational bondages through all past levels to the beginning of time. I repent of my sin that sends the sickness through the blood line to oppress the children and the children's children. I ask to be free from this Father by the blood of Christ and I accept the full severing of all previous generations, and I sever all future generations from this by the power of Christ.

I cut myself away from all contact with darkness that has brought viruses and bacteria upon me and through casual contact with others. I also break the power of witchcraft and all dark arts that have come upon me as a result of their practices. I command it all away from me, break its power by the power of Christ, bind them all and place them at the feet of Christ.

I repent for man bringing greed in pharmacopoeia o the fore front of the battle for taking life. I sever the pharmacopoeia connections and command away those demonic structures by the power of Christ; I bind them and place them at the feet of Christ.

I ask for the forgiveness of my sins and I choose to forgive those who have sinned against me and ask you Heavenly Father to cut me free from the cords of inequity that have been amassed upon me. I then sever the connection of evil on these cords to illness upon myself. I plead the blood of Christ, Yeshua, my Lord and Savior upon myself and thank you for setting me free my Lord from all things.

I ask you Holy Spirit to come in now and heal all these vacant places and fill me with the fullness of Your presence. I break by the power of Christ the illnesses of arthritious, stroke, heart attack, cancer, colds, rhinoviruses, diabetes, influenza and high blood pressure. I break the maladies of all the systems of the body by the power of Christ including the mind, nerves, skeletal, blood, hormonal, veins, stomach, digestive, lungs, skin, reproductive, heart, senses, muscle and soul. I thank you Lord for setting me free, covering me with your blood and filling me with you. I ask you Father to remind me to consistently break these illnesses from me in my continuing prayers.