False and religious spirits

Father I come to you in humility and submission this day. I ask you for the help in removing the false spirits and the church ruling demons and the religious spirits that have come upon me. I am understanding that the realm of evil tries to distort the moves of the Holy Spirit in the world and in organized religion. Man as well has falsely utilized the power of people's wills and their Spiritual connections that were intended for you and has entombed many of your children. Have mercy and release me.

I ask for forgiveness for my sins in the name of Christ my Savior with and through His shed blood and I accept Christ alone as my personal Lord and Savior. I ask for the mind of Christ to be within me and for His guidance in understanding the ways of the Spirit. I thank you Yeshua the Son of God for your sacrifice that set me free from the result of sin which is death. I receive the full redemption from my sins and I ask to be convicted of any remaining sins in my life that need to be brought to the light.

I ask you Holy Spirit to fill me. I invite you in unto me and for you to show me the differences of this false imposter. I have found you to be vital and new each day with absoluteness in the truth that you communicate. I find you to be truly feeling and capable of being offended. I ask you to convict me if I offend you and correct me in your careful way. I also ask you to come deeper with me each day and show me how to truly live life in the Spirit as it is described in the word of God.

I renounce all religious practices with the trained repeating of dogma and the directives of man. I cut myself away from the ministerial contacts that I have associated with and from all religious organizations that I have participated with. I would ask you to forgive Father those that are uninformed and I would ask you Father to draw close to those that have abandoned your gentle Holy Spirit so you may direct them to truth. I ask for all prayers that have been prayed over me or for me to be cleansed and ordered as to the intent and the malicious prayers and the prayers that can bring bondage to me be cut off. I ask you Father then to cut the cords of iniquity from me to them and from them to me. By the power of Christ I cut myself free from the tentacles that have connected to me from the demonic realm with all of the meetings, services, monies and denominations. I further by the power of Christ cut away myself form the false religions and all associations and all connections with those practices and followings.

Please, Holy Spirit correct my mind from the teachings that contain the leaven of the false spirit. Cleanse me from my habits and my directions that have brought these false words, false prophesy, false testing and wrong authority upon me. I renounce the evil things listed in this prayer, command them out and away from me and I bind them all in the name of Christ Yeshua the Messiah and I place them at his feet to deal with them as He would see fit. Thank you Yeshua for helping me.

Holy Spirit, I want to know you more. I have had only a glimpse of your power and authority and yet you are my comforter and counselor. Help me to know you extensively and to abide in the truth of YOUR teaching. I ask for the sword of the Spirit which cuts between truth and false to be in use in my life in all instances.

Thank you Father for your understanding and your grace as I discover the beautiful things that you have created for me. Thank you Yeshua for your sacrifice for me and your teachings in the word of God. Thank you Holy Spirit for your resilience to endure the discoveries of the Creation of God and the abiding peace you offer.