Filling with God

Heavenly Father, I come to you in the name of Yeshua the son of God with and through his shed blood to ask you to come deeper into my life and to fill me more fully with the aspects of you. I ask for the forgiveness of my sins; the sins of thought word and deed, from what I have done and what I have left undone. I have no redemption in and of myself, only with the sacrifice of my Lord and risen Savior, Christ can I come to you. I do come before you my Father in humility and submission to ask you for this forgiveness. I ask for the shed blood of Christ to cover me and protect me from any enemy attack and oppression that can come upon me. I accept that all that I do is seen by you in Heaven and I ask you to convict me of anything that would cause you to look at me with any reservations of my integrity or conviction to the call you have put upon my life. I thank you for this viewing of my life and thank you for the blood of Christ shed for me and for my call unto you.

Father, I do not know you as I should and I wish to receive the revelation of your Spirit. I ask you this day for the filling of You in the form of You and of your Son Yeshua and of your Spirit in a greater way I ask to know the depth and the width of the Spirit, I ask to know the heights and the dimensions of the Spirit with you and with Christ. I have found the world and the flesh to be selfish and ignorant and I am convinced that the ways of God are true and just. I want to know more of you, of your revelations of your synergy and of your intellect. I want to know more of your grace and your mercy and I want to know how I can apply that mercy to my life and the people in my life.

I am so very convinced that I do not know the Holy Spirit. The world has all but obliterated the aspects of You in the form of the Holy Spirit and I would ask to have Him brought forward in me. I ask this in humility and contriteness for I could not support Him unless the presence of Yeshua is fully within me. Please bring what Yeshua had prophesied, the Holy Spirit in power for those of us who have been left behind to do the work of Christ. I will revere Him, I will be cautious with Him, I will listen to your will with Him.

I ask for Love, Love from you and the creation that you have blessed with your word and your Spirit. Love that changes things, that makes things new, the love that Christ spoke of that comes from the cross and the sacrifice that comes with that cross. Love is the greatest thing and yet we do not know true love. Love is in the Spirit, the Spirit of God for Love brings the gifts and the fruits of the Spirit with it. I want this, I want the fullness of the Spirit I want to be filled fully.

I want power, the power of the Holy Spirit to send the enemy fleeing from me, the power that Christ used when He was here on the earth. I ask for this power with reverence of the use of it, for the use of this power changes lives and brings the Heavenlies near to those that use it. I am just beginning to realize this power and I ask you to trust me and to allow me to bring the power of Christ to the earth in love and reverence. The enemy has rallied his troupes upon the earth and I would ask you to rally me in preparation for the return of Christ and the possibility that some may be helped with this power now. Please bring this to me this day.