Deliverance 2

Heavenly Father, I feel the oppression is formidable this day upon me. I would ask you for the anointing and the Grace to confront all of the forces that compound upon me to steal the nearness that I feel with you. By the Blood of Christ I again refuse the evil one and his onslaughts of demonic forces and the use of his evil servants to bring darkness upon me. I have been given all authority on earth by Christ Yeshua and I am seated with Christ Yeshua in heavenly places without the effects of the darkness on me.

I break the oppression upon my emotions by the power of Christ. I command off and away from me the spirits of discouragement, despair, despondency and depression. I command off confusion, distraction, doubt and unbelief. I command away excessiveness and dividing with control and manipulation. I break the power of psychic spirits and mind control. I loose from me evil of lethargy, apathy and nets and webs and ropes and vines...all forms of binding. I combine all of these forces by the name and power of Christ and cast them out and Bind them all and place them at the feet of Christ for him to deal with. Then Holy Spirit I ask you to fill all of these empty places with your power and freedom and wisdom and discernments. Thank You.

I break the bondage of the spirits of Native American shamans and witch doctors and the bound souls and sprites from the land and the bitterness of those people and their familiars. I break the power of voodoo and santiriesim and the black and red and white witchcraft that is used upon God's children through all of the dimensions and through all instances in practices. I break the spirits of eastern mysticism and third eye and Hindu and Shinto and Buddhism. I break the power of chi and all martial arts practices and all the practices of the east that the Lord forbids. I take from me the power of chignon and the power centering, yoga. I loose from me any and all bound souls and the sided, dimensional, numbered and sequential spirits that have been dispatched to withstand me and the walk that the Lord has for me. Yeshua I ask you to cleanse me from all of the lingering thoughts and ideas that come from oppression and the strongholds in my mind. I ask you Yeshua and you the Holy Spirit to renew me and and fill my mind and soul with peace and truth. I also ask for you to reveal any other offense that I have with you so that I may gain information and repent and cleanse it from my mind.

I break the power of principalities and evil powers and the effects of the rulers of the dark places from over me. I stop all astral projection and soul travel and human spirit manifestation and it's bindings upon me. I break by the power of Christ the spirits of timidity, strife, contention, mammon, hording, and pride. I loose from me the ability for the enemy to use my memories and the past events in my life to reciprocate the wrongs that had been done to me. I forgive those wrongs and ask God to cut all cords from me.

I come against the false spirit and the church ruling demons that oppress God's people with religion and traditionalistic practices that comfort man. I break the power of false prophesy, false words, false testing and the charismatic, mission, evangelical, false Pentecostal, Catholic, Muslim, Mormon, and denominational evil spirits and command them out, bind them and place them at the feet of Christ. I ask you Lord Yeshua to come and fill all of these empty spaces with the true worship and leadings of your Father our God in Heaven. I praise you Father, Son and Holy Spirit for truth, light and freedom.